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Project Manager

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Job Description

Project Manager

– Develop the project organization chart and define the project team members.

– Conduct periodic meetings with subordinates to ensure the implementation of company policies and procedures in managing the project activities.

– Conduct regular meetings with the core functions managers to follow up Safety issues, site progress, and quality and cost performance to insure the conformance with project contracts.

– Conduct regular site walkthroughs with the site manager to monitor the construction performance with regards to safety, quality and scheduling.

– Follow up planning department for setting the project master schedule.

– Responsible through the contracts manager for all monthly payment, claims settlements, invoicing etc…

– Maintain projects positive cash flow by directing and monitoring all billings, payable and budget control activities.

– Responsible for all correspondences with the client/owner including collecting OCI receivables from the client/owner.

– Ensue project quality and safety measures are implemented to the utmost level following OCI strategic objectives according to OCI quality and safety manuals.
– Follow up procurement and material activities and coordinate with the head office if needed.

– Responsible for all the correspondences with the engineer/consultant within the boundaries of the project contract agreement and, jointly attending periodic progress meetings.

– Ensure proper execution of contracts with the client, subcontractors, vendors and consultants.

– Manage all internal administrative related issues in OCI as well as for the client such as; permit issue, personnel, project social insurance and sales tax.

– Provide final approval for subcontract agreements related to site activities within his authorization according to the company policy.

– Responsible for the project closeout reports including smooth end over with the client ensuring the client’s satisfaction, providing OCI with required feedback regarding any special experience and all changes and resolved matters during the project lifecycle including actual productivity rates for the executed works.